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Warning: This resource describes planned functionality and processes that has not been implemented and is not part of any official roadmap. Be aware that parts may be inaccurate or out of date. This document should not be relied on for financial, tax, business, or any other type of advice.

All proposals

1. K2 (Kyle/Kevin) proposal (opens in a new tab)

Deeply opinionated & created by Kevin Owocki + Kyle Weiss. The following research was done:

  1. Interviews with Rune & Kain.
  2. Close working process with Michael Kriak.
  3. Watching all of the CSDO livestreams
  4. Reading all of the gov forums.
  5. Drawing on many years of synthesis of information available a Gitcoin co-founder.
  6. Drawing on discussions on twitter or in Discords about Gitcoin.

The K2 perspective version of this endgame doc:

  1. are meant to stimulate disussion about strategy (but are not meant to be taken as gospel).
  2. are focused on what's best for the DAO (not whats best for any one constituent-set)
  3. are focused on finding the high leverage points, the upward spirals (opens in a new tab), and the hard trade-offs well ahead of time & in good faith.

To us, a good endgame plan is:

  1. Values aligned
  2. Maximizing the accomplishment of Gitcoins mission
  3. Pragmatic/Do-able
  4. Comprehensive - it seperates concerns & considers tradeoffs between them
  5. Will create financial sustainability (ideally financial thriving)
  6. Will mean ultimately decentralizing or ossifying Gitcoin.
  7. Will be ratified by governance eventually

You can access K2 endgame at (opens in a new tab)

2. Proposals welcome

More proposals welcome. To participate,

  1. Anyone can participate, but you are invited to apply if you work for Gitcoin, used to work for Gitcoin, have used Gitcoin products, or otherwise have skin in the regen ecosystem.
  2. Write a proposal and use Github's "Pull Request" functionality to link it here.