Warning: This resource describes planned functionality and processes that has not been implemented and is not part of any official roadmap. Be aware that parts may be inaccurate or out of date. This document should not be relied on for financial, tax, business, or any other type of advice.

Gitcoin Endgame


Welcome to the Gitcoin Endgame 2030 initiative.

This is the start of a more constructive dialogue about Gitcoin's vision, roadmap, & endgame. By working backwards from what success looks like and also forwards from where Gitcoin is now, we will chart a course towards success by 2030.

The title 'Endgame' is a playful adaptation of the concept of an endgame (opens in a new tab) in chess:

In chess and other similar games, the endgame (or end game or ending) is the stage of the game after the middlegame. The endgame begins when few pieces are left on the board.

It is also a homage to Makers endgame (opens in a new tab) 1 (opens in a new tab), an articulation of the final state of MakerDAO:

The Endgame Plan is a proposal to overhaul and improve the governance and tokenomics of the Maker Ecosystem. Its primary aim is for the ecosystem to reach a self-sustainable equilibrium called the Endgame State. In this state, the ecosystem is resilient, and the scope and complexity of Maker Core will no longer change.

The endgame initiative, within the context of Gitcoin, is a framework for articulating the development & evolution of Gitcoin into its final form. At a high level, you can think of this resouce as a way of compiling thinking about Gitcoin's vision & strategy into one place.

What is the endgame initiative?

To discuss what the endgame is... Lets dive deeper into what this resource is.. and what it is NOT.

What this resource is NOT

This resource is NOT a command & control style dictum of what Gitcoin's strategy is. A DAO has no CEO (opens in a new tab), and legitimacy at Gitcoin comes from other places (opens in a new tab).

As legitimacy at Gitcoin is determined by the GTC governance process, this resource does not seek to imbue one endgame for Gitcoin. Instead, this is a set of resources that can be forked to stimulate, articulate, synthesize, discussion on a plurality of perspectives.

OK, so what is it?

Three core goals

The Endgame intiative has three core goals.

  1. Create Consensus - The 'Accepted Proposals' section is a synthesized set of roadmaps or proposals that have been accepted by Gitcoin governance processes. Currently this is empty (checkout the Accepted Proposals link in the left sidebar.)
  2. Plurality - The Endgame project is designed to accomodate a plurality of perspectives. If you don't like what you see, you can create your own proposal. (checkout the Idea Marketplace link in the left sidebar.)
  3. A warm start - A proposal by Kevin Owocki & Kyle Weiss and also a proposal by TODO WHO ELSE?. (checkout the All Proposals link in the left sidebar.)

Navigating this resource

You are at endgame.gitcoin.co - which describes the rules for a marketplace of ideas + links proposals for Gitcoin's endgame.

This repository contains

  1. Idea Marketplace - a detailed overview of how the idea marketplace should work.
  2. All Proposals - links to all proposals.
  3. Accepted Proposals - a series of proposals that have been accepted by governance & thereby have attained consensus (currently empty)